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As one of the most recognized international moving companies, it’s our goal to aim for perfection every time. Moving abroad sounds like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. Finding the right mover to fit your needs is half the battle. International Van Lines (IVL) is a top-rated freight forwarder/mover and is considered one of the business’s best international moving companies.

Unlike most international movers, IVL is the direct source. Costs for moving will be less expensive, but more importantly, you will not be tossed to someone else after you make a reservation. From the packing & loading to the actual ocean freight transport, IVL will oversee the process the whole way through.

Licensing & Credentials

The Federal Maritime Commission governs ocean freight transportation. IVL is a licensed freight forwarder (#021051NF). Additionally, IVL is a carrier lisenced by the Department of Transportation (#2247789). From the packing & loading to the delivery of your household goods, IVL will oversee the process every step of the way.

In 2020, IVL was rated by several third-party consumer advocates as the number one international moving company in the United States. If you’re in search of the best international moving companies, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re moving boxes or a full household, IVL can help. 

International Moving costs

International Moving Costs

As you can imagine, costs for international moving vary based on a few factors. The most important is the overall size of your move. Unlike domestic moving, overseas moving is based on cubic feet. The more cubic feet you have, the higher the cost. Secondly, service can highly impact your international moving costs. The more work you put in, the less expensive your costs will be. Lastly, your final destination can also affect your costs. A more common destination like London would be less expensive than moving to Johannesburg as an example.

We always recommend speaking with a relocation coordinator to get all of your options. You must understand all costs involved so you can make an informed decision. You can also check out this article on Port & THC, which are charges billed at the destination ports.

Ocean Freight for Moving

Ocean freight is the most common method when moving abroad. Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL) are the two methods depending on your move’s size. FCL shipments are typically used when moving 500 cubic feet or more. It would be equivalent to a 1 bedroom home full of furniture. LCL shipments are consolidations. If you have 30 boxes, we will place them on pallets, shrinkwrap them, and then load them in a container with others. LCL shipments are less of a financial burden, but transit times are a bit longer than FCL.

Regardless of what you’re moving, we always recommend speaking with a relocation specialist to get some suggestions. The best international moving companies will offer you all the options that best fit your needs and budget.

Air Freight for Moving

Airfreight is an excellent way to transport your household goods in a speedy manner. However, the downside of air freight is cost. If you’re cost-conscious then ocean freight would be the better option. If time is of the utmost importance then air freight is the way to go. Unlike ocean freight, air is based on weight and size. You will have the same option for shipping which you can see below.

  • Door to Door
  • Door to port
  • Port to port
  • Port to door
Air freight from NY to London

Best International Moving Companies – The Bottom Line

Moving abroad can be stressful. It’s essential that you go with the right mover to avoid any headaches. Unlike domestic moving, overseas moving requires knowledge and attention to detail. Getting a moving quote can be quite easy. Call our office to speak with one of our relocation specialists. We will spend the time to go over your details and provide an accurate quote for your move.