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International Van Lines Shipping Forms

Terms & Conditions ¦ Shipping Information ¦ Credit Card Form ¦ Inventory List ¦ Insurance

Below you will find the required shipping forms. It’s imperative that we receive all of the forms before pick up. If you have any questions about the shipping forms, please speak directly with your relocation coordinator.

1. Terms of Service

Below you will find the link for our Terms of Service. Please print, sign and return.

Terms of Service

2. Shipping Information

Below you will find the link for the shipping information form. Please fill this out in its entirety. If you don’t have a delivery address yet, please leave that section blank. We can always update your address later.

Shipping Information Form

3. Inventory List

We will need the packing list before the pickup date. We cannot pick up without it.

Inventory v7

4. Payment Options

Below you will find the link for credit or online ACH payment. If you chose to pay through ACH please send us an email after the payment is submitted.

Credit Card Form

ACH Payment

5. Insurance Forms

If you’re self-packing the cost of the insurance is 3% of your declared value. If we are doing a full pack, the cost is 4% of the value. This needs to be sent back to us a week before the move to have time to issue the insurance certificate.

IVL NP Booklet    (self-pack)

Platinum plus insurance    (Professional Pack)

Thank you for choosing International Van Lines. If you have any questions about the forms please feel free to contact us anytime. We understand that there is a lot of paperwork. Unfortunately we will require all of the necessary paperwork to ensure a smooth move.